Week 6 Plagiarism Detection and Prevention

What plagiarism detection software is available to online instructors?

If the instructor wants additional detection software other than the one that is built into the course that they are facilitating they just need to go to Google and type in plagiarism detection software and they will have more than a handful to choose from. The ones that I am familiar with and am Turnitin. Another one that is supposed to be good is Grammarly. The instructor can use these or choose from a list.

How can the design of assessments help prevent academic dishonesty?

One of the best designs is an essay format where the student has to answer the question in his or her own words and give examples. To avoid plagiarism on quizzes and exams is to change the questions and the order.  Make the exams timed or proctored. Change the assessments up. Some institutions require exams to be timed and proctored. Others have a camera system.

In an effort to reduce the opportunity for plagiarism or cheating, what facilitation strategies do you propose to use as a current or future online instructor?  

Teach the student about plagiarism and what kinds of plagiarism are out there. Teach the student to paraphrase and correctly site.  The key is giving credit to whom credit is due. No essay should have more than 10% from direct quotes even if the material is cited. Teach the student that using their own material from a previous class is considered to be self-plagiarism and is considered cheating. Educating students on plagiarism can deter it.

What additional considerations for online teaching should be made to help detect or prevent cheating and plagiarism?

According to the Palloff Pratt most students don’t have cheating in mind when they take a course, but want to learn the material (Laureate Education, Inc., 2012). The instructors should encourage collaboration with the intent of the student learning the material (Laureate Education, Inc., 2012). They believe that this will discourage the thought of cheating. Then the instructor should design their exams in such a way that cheating is deterred because if the student has studied they will not think of cheating but will pass the exam.


Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer). (2012). Plagiarism and cheating. Baltimore, MD: Author.




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