Blog Assignment: Impact of Technology on Adult Learning

What impact can technology have on adult learning?

Technology has a great impact on adult learning. It is important that the university has a great IT department to keep the online classroom up and running. Adult learners are for the most part very busy and rely on the classroom being open 24/7. Late at night or early morning may be the only times that some are able to really study or do assignments.

What should online instructors consider before incorporating technology into the online learning environment?

The online instructor should be competent in every tool that they will be using in the online classroom. They should be able to explain or send the student to a link that will assist them in using the technology efficiently. The instructor should also make sure that the technology used in conducive to the course (Laureate Education Inc., 2012). Also, there are some students who make live in rural areas and do not have networks that have the speed to keep up with some forms of technology such as Web 2.0 (Laureate Education Inc., 2012).

What implications do usability and accessibility of technologies have on adult learning?

The use of more smart phones, iPads, and Android Tablets are becoming the norm for mobile technology.  The universities are being forced to make sure that the student has online classroom accessibility and usability for these mobile devices (Laureate Education Inc., 2012). The adult learner is on the move and wants to be able to connect to their classroom anywhere.

What technologies are most appealing to you for teaching online? Explain.

I like the technology of the media videos that are built into the online classroom that has been in this course and other courses presented by the university. I also like using YouTube. I believe video presentations are so useful. A picture is worth a thousand words but a video is priceless when it comes to comprehension. The beautiful aspect of it is that one can stop then review over and over again. The learner uses visual and auditory senses. After taking this course and EDUC 6177 I have learned how to blog. Therefore, I can see myself incorporating that tool as well for collaboration projects


Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer). (2012). Enhancing the online experience. Baltimore, MD: Author.


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